Bespoke Application Development

Since 1991, we have developed a large variety of solutions – ranging from small departmental applications through to large-scale enterprise systems.

These have been deployed as both Windows and web applications to users, and as services exposing programmatic interfaces to other platforms.  

Bespoke solutions, custom-written to meet individual client requirements, make your business more efficient, and remove the constraints and frustrations associated with off-the-shelf software. Depending on the type of application, in fact, no off-the-shelf alternatives may exist – or they may be prohibitively expensive.

Our bespoke software:

  • is designed to work exactly as your business works – meaning improved efficiency, less supervision and fewer errors
  • gives you full control – software can be implemented quickly as your business grows, or to meet new legislation or client requirements
  • precisely matches your working practices
  • gives you a market advantage, differentiating you from your competition with unique offerings and services
  • delivers all knowledge from one source – information can be integrated from existing applications, suppliers and customers
  • means  cost savings for you as off-the-shelf alternatives may not include setup, data import, customisation of reports, support or training time
  • is simpler than off-the-shelf software because it only has the features and functionality you require
  • means you own the software you depend upon – you control its development and maintain costs because the number of users isn’t a factor.