Excel Upscale

It’s a common concern among our clients: critical business processes are managed using complex Excel spreadsheets that are understood by a limited number of people.

As those processes become ever more central to their operations, and the business needs to evolve, Excel becomes a major limitation. Problems emerge when multiple people try to update the same file and the data becomes more extensive. It becomes harder to keep the data consistent and it often lacks a single central point, so it diverges and causes confusion.

Converting from Excel to a bespoke solution with a centralised data store means:

  • data is centralised and data integrity can be maintained with business logic ensuring the application consistency
  • data can be easily shared and updated by people globally
  • access in optimised ways specific to the device it is being used on
  • workflows can be instructed so that the process can be understood by non-experts
  • repetitive tasks can easily be automated
  • data can be visualised and manipulated into consistent reports
  • data is easier to locate by adding sophisticated query functions.