Why Agile?

So, compared to specification-led approaches, what does Agile mean for you?

  • risk reduction and cost management

Features are delivered incrementally, meaning you see benefits during the product development stage. You enjoy excellent visibility of project progress and of the emerging product itself. Frequent small ‘releases’ help identify issues early and make it easy to respond to change; decisions can be taken early, markedly improving outcomes. Fixed timescales and evolving prioritised requirements can allow for fixed budget development. The scope of the product and its features are variable, rather than the cost.

  • rapid flexible delivery

There’s a clear advantage in early release of your product. As well as the higher revenue from incremental delivery, the Agile development philosophy also supports the notion of early and regular releases. Traditional software development requires the creation of  large specifications alongside fixed cost estimates; to ensure it’s financially viable for the developer, it has to be padded with significant margin and the work delivered exactly as specified. Any changes require re-negotiation and there are invariably issues with scope creep.

In Agile development, change is not only part of the process, but is encouraged to ensure that the product delivers maximum return on investment. Requirements evolve as the product is developed and the business makes the necessary trade-off decisions, substituting existing scope for new or even removing items and thus altering the budget.

  • delivering the right product

The engagement and co-operation that define an Agile development environment support a highly motivated, high performance team approach. Its key features – the active involvement of the client, the high visibility of the product and the progress being achieved, and the flexibility to change when change is needed –  inspire confidence.

This positive engagement means we get to understand your precise requirements,  and the ability to change ensures the right product emerges. Unlike traditional models, where building to the committed spec is what defines success, our emphasis is upon building the product you need  – whether it’s as first envisioned, or radically different.

  • control

The Agile methodology equips you to respond quickly, limit risk and ensure value. By receiving software early, you can decide whether it’s worth investing more. It may expose exciting new avenues to explore, or problems to address. We let you know what we think, every step of the way. We pride ourselves on being honest and direct with our clients – if we don’t think something is practical, we’ll tell you. In short, you’re always well informed; you’re always in control.