How does Agile work?

How does Agile work?

Develop iteratively

The only way to truly understand what users need is to deliver functionality early –  to present the product and assess its operational suitability. By testing it incrementally as it’s developed, and gathering feedback, we’re following a process to yield a product that exactly meets your requirements.

Build quickly

We use Scrumban, an Agile methodology that continually delivers working functionality. This functionality is delivered to our customers for testing as soon as it’s ready. It’s presented in review/planning forums (usually on a weekly basis) so it can be assessed by customers and stakeholders, and the next stages of work planned.

Speak honestly

Our progress is continually recorded and estimates of time to completion are refined as we move ahead. If we need clarification, we ask; if estimates are changing, we let you know. We work with you to deliver a solution within your agreed budget. Any challenges are discussed and resolved promptly.

If you’ve an idea or a problem, we listen, discuss and work with you to achieve the best possible result.