Delivery Process

Here’s the Solab step-by-step process to great software development:


  • Produce an outline proposal, with some mock-ups and comparisons with similar projects undertaken. We outline some initial, high level estimates.
  • Establish an estimate for required features.
  • Agree a budget and a likely delivery timeline.
  • Gather user stories – easily understandable requirements captured in plain English, via either workshops or meetings.
  • Work with you to identify risks, understand the maturity of the user stories and prioritise them. We then undertake further investigation on high priority items and provide more detailed estimates.
  • Work within your defined budget and deliver software, once we have a prioritised list of items. We advise if our estimate for a user story has changed based on further understanding.
  • Complete user stories to an agreed standard and then deliver when they’re ready.
  • Show you early previews during the development process to get feedback.
  • Adjust priorities at any stage as you require us to. We continually review remaining work, and refine user stories and our estimates as we learn more about your business and your requirements.
  • Fully support the application once all work is complete, with clear SLAs
  • Add further features if you need them; we simply create more stories – and the process continues.