Crew Tracking

Onboard Tracker provides all the answers when you need to mobilise and manage workforce teams – anywhere around the world.

If you’re responsible for mobilising multi-discipline Roving Teams at short notice, it’s the solution for:

  • managing availability
  • ensuring the team’s got the right training and experience
  • checking certification is up to date
  • ensuring travel and work documents are correct and valid
  • informing the team where to be – and when.

More than that, Onboard Tracker manages the sourcing, inspection, certification and transportation of any specialist equipment involved.

If you’re managing a Static Team – particularly in the oil and gas industry – you’ll know the challenges.

Do your team members have the right mix of skills and qualifications as a collective unit? Do they have experience of the equipment they’ll be using, and the location where they’ll be deployed? Is their paperwork up to date, and can they access it from a remote location? Can you demonstrate all these things to the client and to regulatory bodies?

Onboard Tracker provides all the answers.