Competency Management

Solab’s competence management system equips you to create, distribute and maintain your competence standards – whether they’re at company, industry or national level.

Onboard Tracker and its Competency Management Module ensures your standards are relevant and up to date. It allows individuals access not only to the system itself, but to opportunities to demonstrate they’re working to those standards relevant to their job.

Inspections or assessments by qualified individuals are recorded, along with follow up actions.

Onboard Tracker highlights progress and outcomes, as well as evidence for each judgement.

In essence, everybody is deemed ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’ for any given part of any job – Onboard Tracker measures and manages the stages in between and  shows the competence profile (the ‘Not Yet’s) for individuals and teams.

Competency Management Software: Onboard Tracker

  • Get visibility of competence individually, by location and across entire crews on any given day.

Competency Levels & Competence Matrices

  • Create matrices, set required competency levels, store and view assessment evidence and track workforce progress.

Competence Verification System

  • Produce detailed reports, create assessors and manage competence verification

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