It’s your ROUND() but NOT() this MONTH()

October 2nd, 2017


Lynsey Carr

Here at Solab some of the team have signed up for the Macmillan Challenge Go Sober for October. And so, raising a theoretical glass to the occasion – its Excel’s turn to bring the round in!

I know from experience that spreadsheets can certainly be a contributory factor in the need for a glass or two on a Friday night.  Whether you are in Finance, Logistics, HR, Operations or Sales it’s likely you use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis. But are you using it to its full potential?

Excel contains hundreds of functions.  If you have used Excel it’s likely you have clicked the Autosum button in place of the classic calculator… but Excel can do so much more!

Here’s a non-alcoholic flavour of what you can do with Excel Functions.


Have you ever added up a column of numbers and the answer has been 1 or 2 out?  This will most likely be due to decimal places.  Numbers may be formatted to show only 2 decimal places but Excel could still be working with numbers of up to 15 decimal places!

To ensure the numbers you see are the numbers that Excel is working with use the ROUND function.  Any decimal place .5 and over will be rounded up, below .5 will be rounded down.  You can specify the number of decimal places to round to.  Use positive numbers to round to a decimal, use negative numbers to round to the left of the decimal point.

Round () Function Excel

As well as the ROUND function there are many other ways of rounding including ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, MROUND, EVEN, ODD, CEILING, FLOOR, TRUNC, INT AND FIXED.


The NOT function is a Logical Function which reverses the values of its arguments.  So when a statement is TRUE the NOT function makes it FALSE.  Perhaps wait until after October to use the NOT function!

NOT () Excel Function


Did you know there are DAY, MONTH and YEAR Functions allowing you to extract the day, month or year from a date?

Month () Function Excel

If you are using Excel 2013 or 2016 you could also use Flash Fill to get these results.

Create an Excel countdown using TODAY()

If ‘Sober October’ is going to be your greatest challenge yet – count down the days to your first sip of November success!

Today () Function Excel


The TODAY function shows the current date, so as the month progresses the days left reduces.

So go on, let Excel bring the drinks in this month and join the team at Solab in Macmillan’s ‘Sober for October’ challenge!


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It’s your ROUND() but NOT() this MONTH() – Sober Up With Solab!

Is your IT Company driving you to drink? Come sober up with us!  The team at Solab are delighted to be supporting Macmillan in their ‘Go Sober for October’ Campaign. Learn More >>

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