What’s the biggest threat to your data security?

May 30th, 2018

IT Support

Aberdeen seagulls? Nope, but they can be a nightmare too!

Yes, we know: you thought that we were going to moan about Aberdeen seagulls (everyone knows how bad they can be!). They might be a threat to your clean car or fresh sandwich but not necessarily to the data security… So what’s the biggest threat then? You and your employees, that’s who!

It’s an unfortunate reality but our workforce can be our worst enemy, often creating vulnerabilities and leaving our systems open to hackers, viruses, data breaches and data loss. More often than not, we do this through completely harmless, everyday activities like opening compromised emails and links.

As a leader in your organization, it’s your role to monitor your team and arm them with the knowledge of good security practices. Without implementing a company-wide security training program, you leave your systems vulnerable to a host of attacks.

Another crucial step in preventing system attacks is to configure a firewall to monitor user activity and website visits throughout your organization. An Acceptable Use Policy is helpful in establishing what your organization will and will not allow from its employees.

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