Throwback Thursday – blast from the past ‘mystery’

November 12th, 2020


Kevin Coll

We received an intriguing package in the mail at our office this week – a pristine set of our ‘old-style’ Solutions MS Excel 2002 Intermediate training courseware!

Unfortunately, the envelope was beaten up from its travels and there was nothing identifying who sent it, so we are now trying to solve the ‘mystery’ ? of who sent it and why?

There’s obviously a story behind it or they wouldn’t have gone to the effort of packaging them up, handwriting the envelope and posting it. Maybe they found them in a cupboard and remembered the Ninja Excel skills we taught them to land their dream job in the naughties!

We’ve been training Microsoft Applications for 29 years and our deep knowledge and expertise laid the early foundations for developing the PowerBI Consulting arm we have today, not to mention the integration into our Onboard Tracker software – a truly HUGE evolution.

We help you unlock data inside business applications and spreadsheets with game changing PowerBI training and consulting in 2020 in the same way as we did with Excel in the 1990’s.

So, what’s the story?  Can you help us track down who sent them so that we can thank them?

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