Sparrows Group implement Onboard Tracker software

September 11th, 2017



A glowing testimonial from Sparrows Group – one of our latest Onboard Tracker clients! From spreadsheets to worldwide structure in one month. WOW!

Sparrows, a global provider of engineered products and services to the energy industry, have implemented Onboard Tracker to manage all of their workforce planning and personnel logistics worldwide. Onboard Tracker’s SaaS subscription model and innovative import tools enabled a rapid transition from their many spreadsheets to a centrally managed web-based platform, vastly improving crew visibility and reporting.

“As SME in offshore personnel and logistics I was really excited to be shown Onboard Tracker™, and it has not disappointed.

From purchasing the system we went live globally within a month, with no issues whatsoever.

Logistics are a tough audience and with so many cultural and regional difference, I expected some resistance from this team, however I couldn’t have been more wrong. All areas love the system and what it can do for them

Our senior leadership team have embraced the system and have managed to impress our executive board members with the visibility Onboard Tracker™ provides.

The Onboard Tracker™ team aren’t sitting still either and we are continually in contact with ideas to expand what Onboard Tracker™ can do for our business.

Onboard Tracker™ has been hailed our best IT success.”

Global Head of Offshore Personnel at Sparrows Group

How many spreadsheets and systems does it take to track and manage one oilfield worker? One! Onboard Tracker

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