SolDR – Backup & Disaster Recovery Service in Aberdeen

February 5th, 2019

IT Support


Why do you need solDR if you have tape backup or use other cloud backup service?

Let us introduce you to solDR – an all in one, seamless backup and disaster recovery service in Aberdeen.


What is solDR Disaster Recovery Service about?


  • replace your Tape Drive
  • Gain an Off-Site Disaster Recovery Service Plan
  • protect from fire, flood, malware…
  • aid GDPR data compliance
  • Scottish Data Centre for fast retrieval


Why do you need solDR if you have tape backup?


In addition to having personnel to replace the tapes daily and ensure they go offsite, a tape backup process includes many moving parts, software and active monitoring.


  • SolDR removes all of the aggravation around tape and gives your company a professional Offsite Backup
  • Enables a true, offsite Disaster Recovery (DR) procedure.
  • All of your important data is replicated to the solDR Tier 3 Data Centre in Aberdeen and quickly recoverable in the event of a failure or disaster.


Your business already has cloud backup – why do you need solDR?


 Do you know where your data is, how much you have and have any idea how long it will take to recover your data in a disaster? We do!


  •  1Tb of data takes over 10 days to download from a web based cloud service over a 10Mbit/s connection – how will you manage?
  • SolDR is a cloud backup service with a major difference!  We store your encrypted data in our Tier 3 Data Centre in Aberdeen
  • We can recover your business in minutes and hours rather than the days and weeks you would experience in other cloud backup services.
  • You know exactly where your data is for GDPR compliance as opposed to it being held on a worldwide platform where you have no control.


This is a first class service built in Aberdeen for clients from all over Scotland. Replication to the Aberdeen data-centre rather than a web service ensures that we can recover you locally at full speed or stand up your system remotely rather than having to wait days for your data to download from the cloud! Especially when your nice, fast comms line probably disappeared with your office during the disaster! Our clients love it!

Kevin Coll, Managing Director

Due to the specific nature of Disaster Recovery we design each setup to suit the client requirement. Please contact us in our Aberdeen office for further details – call 01224 213 033 or email

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