Solab secures contract with CAN Group

June 12th, 2017


Solab’s partnership with NetApp helps your business go further, faster. As the world’s fastest-growing storage vendor, NetApp is known for providing the most efficient, flexible foundation for IT in the industry. Their proven storage and data management solutions help enterprise companies store, manage, and protect valuable information assets and keep their businesses running.

Solab, one of the longest established IT Services in Aberdeen, has recently become NetApp’s Scottish partner. The company had a pleasure to work with both NetApp and CAN Group, a market leader in life of asset integrity services, on project that involved deploying the first ALL FLASH E series array in Scotland. 

Due to their significant expansion, CAN Group had applications that were running slowly and needed a performance increase. Moving to ALL FLASH storage was previously prohibitively expensive and only something large enterprises could afford.

Chris Buckley commented:

“CAN had a very specific requirement for high IOPS in order to improve the performance of one of their applications – the E series array fitted in perfectly to both the performance and cost brackets the customer was looking at.  Under pre-deployment testing we found that in its most fault tolerant (lowest performance) configuration the ALL FLASH E series array still provided in the region of 25 times the IOPS performance of the existing storage which was configured in high performance (lower fault tolerance) configuration.  As a result CAN have received a massive boost in available IOPS along with an increase in fault tolerance of the storage.”

NetApp is Solab’s strategic storage partner for hosted and private managed cloud services, providing a unique secure multi-tenanted storage environment for customer environments and Solab own software as a service solutions.

NetApp solutions by Solab give you the power to solve the most critical IT and business challenges while maximising ROI.


About CAN Group

CAN Group is a market leader in life of asset integrity services with our business streams CAN, ENGTEQ and VENTEQ providing innovative solutions to the energy industry worlwide.
CAN Group has evolved with the increasing challenges facing the energy industry and today provides clients with an integrated solution for asset reliability by drawing upon a combination of our expert Engineering, Integrity Management, Inspection and Maintenance capabilities to provide a service tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

About NetApp

NetApp is a world leader in unified storage solutions for today’s data-intensive enterprise. NetApp storage solutions include specialised hardware, software and services, providing seamless storage management for open network environments.

NetApp focus areas include:

  • Infrastructure: Server virtualisation, Business continuity, Backup and recovery, Archive and compliance, Storage security.
  • Applications: Business applications, Database, Messaging and collaboration, File services, Technical applications, Digital media content.

Gartner has ranked NetApp as a leader for mid-range disk and NAS in its Magic Quadrant. Gartner also recognizes NetApp’s merit in other storage-related markets, including storage resource management, data protection services, storage implementation services, and backup and recovery.

With a variety of solutions that range from entry-level to high-end configurations, NetApp enables your design, engineering, and production teams to allocate storage on demand which pools storage resources automatically. Therefore reducing overall costs, increased data flow performance, scalability and utilization.

NetApp E-Series

NetApp’s E-Series is a High Performance, Cost Effective block level Storage Area Network solution. It supports both Iscusi and Fibrechannel Protocols. Tried and Tested reliability coupled with aggressive pricing makes the E-Series is the perfect fit for small and medium sized organisations looking for entry level, high performance block storage. With support for V/M ware and Oracle Integration and a flexible modular design, it’s no wonder the E-Series is one of the most popular SAN based solutions on the market today. Contact Solab to learn more!

NetApp Solutions for Business


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