Scheduled Open Courses in August 2017

July 24th, 2017


Our Aberdeen Training Centre is pleased to announce our most recent Open Course schedule.

We’ve recently issued our training calendar for April 2017! With over 60 courses including MS Office 2016 and the widest range of Excel training courses in Aberdeen. We also offer training on other business applications, including Sage and Adobe.

Check our scheduled open courses in August 2017 below or for other dates please visit our Training Calendar. Cannot find a course you’re after? Try our Source a Course Service!

Scheduled Open Courses in August 2017

1st August, 2017 (Tuesday) – Excel 2013 Foundation

2nd August, 2017 (Wednesday) – Excel 2010 Intermediate;  Word 2013 Foundation  

3rd August, 2017 (Thursday) – Excel 2016 Advanced

6th August, 2017 (Friday) – Contact Us

7th August, 2017 (Monday) – Excel 2016 Foundation

8th August, 2017 (Tuesday) – Excel 2010 Intermediate

9th August, 2017 (Wednesday) – Excel 2010 Intermediate 

10th August, 2017 (Thursday) – PowerPoint 2016 Foundation

11th August, 2017 (Friday) –Contact Us

14th August, 2017 (Monday) –  Excel 2010 Intermediate

15th August, 2017 (Tuesday) – Excel 2016 Advanced

16th August, 2017 (Wednesday) – Word 2013 Advanced

17th August, 2017 (Thursday) – PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate

18th  August, 2017 (Friday) –Contact Us

21st August, 2017 (Monday) – Project 2013 Foundation / Intermediate

22nd August, 2017 (Tuesday) – Excel 2013 Intermediate

23rd August, 2017 (Wednesday) – Word 2013 Foundation; Excel 2010 Advanced

24th August, 2017 (Thursday) – Contact Us

25th  August, 2017 (Friday) –Contact Us

28th August, 2017 (Monday) Contact Us

29th August, 2017 (Tuesday)- Excel 2010 Foundation

30th  August, 2017 (Wednesday) –  Contact Us

31st  August, 2017 (Thursday) – Contact Us


We have trained 22,000 delegates over the years and have developed a loyal customer base with highly satisfied delegates and training bookers returning time and time again. We feel we have the right balance of skills to make that difference when you’re looking for the right IT Training Partner – it’s more than just a training course, it’s a relationship. More…


Did you know… ?

– We have solved over 60,000 individual issues for clients who know they can depend on us

– We have support contracts dating back over 20 years with individual clients who love our work

– We are accredited by NetApp, Dell, VMWare, Cisco, Fujitsu and Microsoft

– Our Onboard Tracker software support client operations in over 30 countries, across five continents

– We track training, competence and personnel logistics of people attending more than 50% of the manned rigs in the North Sea

– We’ve spent over 83,000 developer hours building world-class applications

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