ONE Graduate into Business Scheme: Micha’s Journey

July 9th, 2024


Over the past 8 months, Micha Swinton, our Sales Administrator, took part in the ONE ‘Graduate into Business’ Scheme.

Over the past 8 months, Micha Swinton, our Sales Administrator, took part in the Opportunity North East ‘Graduate into Business’ Scheme. Micha seized the fantastic opportunity to expand her network, engage in external training, and benefit from the mentoring provided.

The programme, which ran from September to April, consisted of 8 monthly sessions featuring interactive workshops and guest speakers from various industries. Micha, alongside the 2024 cohort of business enthusiasts from the Digital Tech and Food & Drink sectors, delved into a wealth of learning experiences, collaborating in groups to broaden their knowledge.

The core focus was on equipping participants with essential business skills including:

  • Individual and team dynamics
  • Communication and assertiveness
  • Project management
  • Creative thinking and decision-making
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing

Reflecting on her experience, Micha said, “The ONE Graduate into Business Scheme provided me with so many opportunities to expand my network, learn more about myself, and collaborate closely with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including the Tech and Software Development departments. As the sole participant without a university background, I brought a unique perspective to the group and our discussions.”

The interactive nature of the programme was a highlight for Micha, with sessions ranging from educational talks to hands-on experiences. For example, the entrepreneurship course tasked Micha and her team with creating a business venture with limited resources to foster innovation. Similarly, the creative thinking course encouraged the participants to explore original solutions, which led to the development of a project focused on recycling and renewables. Key sessions, such as the DICS Personality Traits assessment led by Anne Harper from CPD, offered Micha key insights into her behavioural working style.

As part of the Grad Scheme, graduates receive a budget allocated for training and personal development. Leveraging this opportunity, Micha enrolled in the HALO course to deepen her expertise and help her progress in her role at Solab. Additionally, Micha signed up for Aberdeen Grampian Chamber of Commerce training, focusing on communication, interpersonal skills, and mental health first aid to widen her skill set.

The programme stands as a beacon of inspiration for ambitious professionals navigating their own paths to success. Micha’s journey exemplifies the power of seizing opportunities for growth and learning. Through the ONE Grad Scheme, she not only developed critical skills but also built lasting connections with fellow professionals, helping to lay the groundwork for continued career success.

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