Onboard Tracker sponsors Hole in One at ATPI Golf Classic 2018

July 9th, 2018



Solab and Onboard Tracker™ were proud to be a sponsor of the ATPI Golf Classic once again this year.

The ATPI Golf Classic returned to the wonderful Meldrum House on Thursday, the 5th July 2018.  The course was in amazing condition as was the weather – we couldn’t ask for more than a sun and a blue sky, could we? A fantastic array of sponsors (including our team from Solab & Onboard Tracker™) provided the usual great hospitality on the course.


Unfortunately, no one won our fantastic Mini ONE car at Hole 10 … but we had 2 other winners! Every player had a chance to take part in our little chipping competition which gave an opportunity to chip into … an old PC’s monitor. What a joy! From all of those who managed (listed below) we picked a random 2 winners

  • Nikko from the Niko’s Niblicks Team (Team Three)
  • Stuart from the Rich Kids Team (Team Four)
  • Craig from the Parks Sharks Team (Team Five B) – congrats for winning a bottle of Daffy’s Small Batch Premium Gin!
  • Andy from the Handy Andys Team (Team Seven)
  • Lindsay from the Phone Booths Team (Team Fourteen)
  • Gordon from the Load Of Tosh Team (Team Sixteen)
  • Stacey from the Load of Tosh Team (Team Sixteen) – congrats for winning a bottle of  Rock Rose Gin!
  • Jason from the Shortbreads Team (Team Eighteen)


A note from Willie McPherson, Director of Client Events @ ATPI:

Already the sun has set on the  2018 Classic and there is only about 360 days till the next one.

Once again we were blessed with near perfect weather and of course there truly aren’t many nicer places to be than Meldrum House on such a day.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we simply cannot hold this event without all the wonderful sponsors we have who sign up to sponsor it and ensured it was another “Classic” Classic!

The support was wonderful as was the hospitality with everyone making fantastic efforts. So a huge thank you to everyone for everything including the wonderful prizes which are considered as a bonus by many who simply just enjoy being there on the day.

This year we had some new guests attend who had never managed to join us before and in fact that was the case in the champion Mike Young who will no doubt have spent the weekend showing off the Classic trophy. The great thing is he will now be a Classic devotee. Already I have received many emails and messages via social media from guests who were simply delighted they had attended.

A special mention has to go to our friends at Meldrum House who always go above and beyond to ensure the event is as seamless as possible and do it all in a professional and friendly way at all times. The welcome, the food, the staff, the golf course and the professional team go above and beyond.

So, whether you played or manned a tee or attended the dinner, thank you for all the support again and we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as the guests did.

The planning of this event takes a very long time so the date for the 2019 Classic will be announced very soon.

Thank you once again and enjoy the rest of your summer.


We also had a great number of people interested in seeing demonstrations of our Onboard Tracker software – clearly, it’s a hot topic not only in oil and gas industry! If you asked us to then we’ll be in touch with you soon to arrange your demonstration.

For any of you who didn’t indicate they wanted to see the system but now do, please drop us a note to info@onboardtracker.com & we’ll get in touch.

THANK YOU note to John Clark Motor Group in Aberdeen

We’d like to thank the team at John Clark Motor Group in Aberdeen for lending us a Mini One again this year – seeing the prize not only motivated the players but also allowed us to take great photos (see below) 🙂 Thank you!


ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Hole 10 Team: Sandra, Emily & MINI One!

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 1: The Muss Make Putts

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 2: Willie’s Wonders

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 3 : Niko’s Niblicks

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 4: Rich Kids

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 5A: Wyllie Coyoteeeees

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 5B: Parks Sharks

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 6: 4 Old Crox

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 7: The Handy Andys

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 8: The Peperonis

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 9: Super Coopers

ATPI Golf Classic 2018


Team 10: Coll’s Balls

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 11: Jabba The Huttons

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 12: The Village People

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 13: The Dark Knights

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 14: The Phone Booths

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 15: Smiths Crisps

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 16: Load of Tosh

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

Team 17: George and the Dragons

… dragons are hard to catch these days!

Team 18: The Shortbreads

ATPI Golf Classic 2018

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