Onboard Tracker achieves new milestone

August 23rd, 2017



It’s been five years since the story of Onboard Tracker started and we couldn’t be any prouder than we are today.

Onboard Tracker is now recording personnel logistics, crewing, training and offshore competence for people visiting over 50% of the manned rigs in the UKCS.

Kevin Coll, founder of Onboard Tracker and Managing Director of Solab commented:

“We are immensely proud to have achieved this milestone. The growth of Onboard Tracker has been accelerating dramatically during the oil& gas downturn. Companies now realise that they cannot just throw money, people and spreadsheets at these core operational activities. Onboard Tracker does all of the heavy lifting for busy operations, training and competency teams whilst creating significant cost saving. Our clients now have visibility of their workforce that was previously clouded by spreadsheets.”


Why Oil & Gas companies of different sizes can’t get visibility?

As we all know, systems grow with direct proportion to the company when it operates in multiple locations and territories. Spreadsheets and departmental databases just don’t work in this environment and equally service companies, operators and contractors  encounter operational, data management and reporting challenges.

Offshore Crew Availability

Q: Where are my people and crews and are they available?

A: Onboard Tracker™’s Operations tracker records all work, holiday and absence movements so that you know immediately who is available for deployment to jobs and sites in any discipline.

Offshore Certification & Competence

Q: Who’s available with the right skills?

A: Onboard Tracker™’s Certification and Competence modules integrate with the Operations Tracker so that you can easily identify & report whether available workers have the relevant Client, Site and Equipment qualifications for the Job

Q: How do I manage my expiring staff certificates?

A: Onboard Tracker™’s Certification module helps you and your team track certification expiry dates, view digital copies of your certificates, print detailed reports and minimise the risk of being “out of compliance”.

Modular, Nimble & Configurable Software for Oil & Gas

The enterprise class design allows you to build up module by module and create efficiencies as you progress through the use of add-ons which integrate into our core product. Our open architecture, reliability and flexibility ensures your business gets its visibility back.

Onboard Tracker – Available Modules

Operations Tracker Module

Track & Manage your Personnel Logistics & Operations. Imagine being able to easily view all of your field service personnel on all of your sites and track their work, absence, holiday and training movements? Whether they work independently or as part of a crew, roaming or rotational, national or international, Onboard Tracker™’s graphical interface and bulk scheduling tools help you get visibility back.

Certification Module

Track & Manage your Offshore Certification. Onboard Tracker™’s Certification module is not just a repository for certificates, it’s also a powerful tool to build detailed matrices for roles, sites, locations and clients. Not only can you track certification expiry dates, view digital copies and print detailed reports by person, you can also report and balance the skills required across your crews to ensure their overall safety.

Competence Module

Track & Manage your Offshore Competence. Get visibility of competence individually, by location and across entire crews on any given day. Create matrices, set required competency levels, store and view assessment evidence and track workforce progress. Produce detailed reports, create assessors and manage competence verification.


Interested to learn more about Onboard Tracker™? Why not to get in touch with us on 01224 213 033 or via email info@solab.co.uk


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