Turn your Server Room GREEN

IT infrastructure = high energy use.


What this means for you as our customer:

  • Fixing a price for your company- regardless of Brexit, Rising Oil Prices and Market Fluctuations
  • Forward purchasing- even if you are in contract we will secure savings for your next contract today
  • Bill Validation- are you sure your energy bill is correct? Let Solab tell you.
  • Option for Green Energy Supply

What we will do:

Come back to you with a comparison of the market for your business.

What we need:

  1. Copy of your latest Electric and Gas Bill
  2. Signed LOA on headed paper

This does NOT allow a contract to be signed on your behalf or put your business in any obligation to accept any of our quotes.

Why partner with Solab:

  • Going out to 15 suppliers for every opportunity
  • Proactive contract management – make sure you never fall on to out of contract rates again
  • Proactive Termination notices – we will manage all communications with your current supplier.
  • Structuring of Co-terminus (common contract end dates) agreements if required.
  • Multi-site specialists – Specialist in procuring in ‘Multi site’ basket for 100 sites and more.

Download our Mini Brochure to learn more!

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