Network Solutions

If your technology is networked, your people are too. That means a reduced workload – and increased productivity.

With 25 years of network management and design experience, we can fully manage your network infrastructure, optimising hardware that’s already in production and offering expert advice on upgrades where required.

We can design computer networks to fit your specific needs and install them with minimum disruption to your operations. We then provide a maintenance and support service for your computer network and its associated systems.

We mitigate your performance or security risks by proactively monitoring all critical hardware, quickly identifying– and eliminating – small issues that could become serious problems.

Clients large and small benefit from the unique Solab approach to managing networks:

  • we investigate performance problems with your current network and recommend solutions to overcome them
  • we can design and install an entirely new system to form the base of your IT infrastructure if that’s the optimum solution
  • we perform ongoing review and maintenance work once a stable network has been established
  • we understand the impact of downtime. That’s why we actively monitor all of our customers’ critical systems and ensure they are notified in advance of any potential problems.

Call our knowledgeable IT support engineers today to talk about your network needs.