Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Solab Team is  acutely aware of the consequences of component, server or complete site failures and we have designed a range of Disaster Recovery (DR) options for Small, Medium and Large Systems.

Due to the specific nature of Disaster Recovery we design each setup to suit the client requirement. Please contact us in our Aberdeen office for further details.


Disaster Recovery in Aberdeen

  •  In depth consultation to produce a comprehensive DR plan
  •  We will draft, test and implement the plan on your behalf
  • We will train your staff so everyone knows what to do
  • Your DR plan will minimize lost revenue in case of a disaster

According to the Department of Trade & Industry, 70% of companies that encounter a significant loss of data go out of business within a year. This simple fact shows just how important it is to have robust and well-defined disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place.

Disasters happen, and many companies have placed their trust in what they thought were adequate backups, only to find them deficient when it came to the crunch. Being unprepared in such situations can impose crippling costs on even the largest organisations, whether in the form of a disruption to operations, legal liability, or, very often, significant revenue loss.

We at Solab understand that a well-rounded backup regime is only part of the bigger picture; that no matter how well-planned and managed, sometimes backups alone are not enough. What you need is a fully fleshed-out plan for coping with all possible disaster scenarios – including how to prevent them.