Touch Typing – Computer Keyboard Skills

1-Day Instructor-led classroom based training.

Touch Typing can be delivered as  a company private closed course or as a one to one consultancy. We can run this course either at our Training Centre in Aberdeen, your premises or using our portable training centre.


Our touch typing course is a complete typing curriculum leading delegates, step by step to fluent, error-free typing.  After learning the correct technique and lots of practice outside the classroom based training, delegates should be proficient in the touch typing skill.

This is an enjoyable and motivating way to learn to type.  Multi-form exercises such as keyboard drills, typing games and tests provide diversity whilst instant feedback and progress statistics effectively maintain motivation.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Lesson 1 – Home Row

  • Module 2: Lesson 2 – Keys E and I

  • Module 3: Lesson 3 – Keys R and U

  • Module 4: Lesson 4 – Keys T and O

  • Module 5: Lesson 5 – Capital Letters and Full Stop

  • Module 6: Lesson 6 – Keys C and Comma

  • Module 7: Lesson 7 – Keys GH and Apostrophe

  • Module 8: Lesson 8 – Keys VN and Question Mark

  • Module 9: Lesson 9 – Keys W and M

  • Module 10: Lesson 10 – Keys Q and P

  • Module 11: Lesson 11 – Keys B and Y

  • Module 12: Lesson 12 – Keys Z and X

Course Completion

On completion, delegates can start using their new skill at work and home everyday.

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