Cyber Security Training for Finance Departments

Half Day Interactive Course.

Cyber Security for Finance Departments Course can be delivered as  a company private closed course or as a one to one consultancy. We normally run this course at your premises but can also offer it at our Training Centre in Aberdeen.

We run the course in two ways:

  1. Whole Day (Recommended for Best Value): we deliver two identical sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to enable you to split your team across the sessions.
  2. Half Day: we deliver a single session.


Cyber Security Training for Finance Departments – COURSE OVERVIEW

Cyber-crime is having a significant impact on large and small business alike. Every time a new statistic is published the picture seems to be getting bleaker.  One reason for this may be that many businesses continue to consider cyber crime as an IT issue.

In order for businesses to protect themselves from cyber-attack they must have up to date and comprehensive IT measures but this is not enough they must also have policies and procedures to minimise the risk and staff training.

This course has been designed to address the staff training element of your business cyber-crime avoidance strategy.

It will immerse delegates to improve their awareness of the types of cyber-attack Finance departments are facing and to provide strategies on how to avoid them.

Raising awareness is the first step to help delegates deal with cyber-attacks.  However further advice will be given on what actions can be taken proactively, such as creating new policies and procedures, and reactively, when an attack does occurs.

The course is aimed at Finance staff so it is not a technical course but focuses more on awareness, behaviour, policies and procedures.


Whole Day: £795 + VAT (total of 8 delegates, up to 4 delegates per session, 2 sessions)

Half Day: £550 + VAT (up to 4 delegates, 1 session)

Course Completion

By the end of the course delegates will
• have a strong awareness of the types of cyber-attack that they may face in their day to day work.
• Be able to identify e-mails, telephone calls and messages that seek to elicit data or money
• Have an awareness of how cyber criminals use Social Engineering to steal data or money
• Know policies and procedures that could be implemented to proactively deal with known strategies used to steal money
• Know how to create a strong password and keep up to date with current password advice
• Know what actions to take to limit any cyber-attack that does happen

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