Onboard Tracker enhances the visibility and safety of your people, crews and assets around the world.

Onboard Tracker is an online tracking, operations and certification hub is a textbook example of Solab innovation in action: the specially devised software is used around the world by clients in the oil & gas and maritime industries.

Scalable and simple to use, Onboard Tracker is defined by reliability and flexibility: a proven, all-in-one business tool that puts operational visibility at the heart of your business.

With Onboard Tracker, you’re back in control.

Onboard Tracker's Key Benefits

  • Scalable

    Onboard Tracker is a modular, web based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that grows with your business.

  • Affordable

    Onboard Tracker is a monthly subscription model with no upfront capital cost

  • Enterprise Class

    Onboard Tracker uses secure, globally-replicating datacentres for resilient world-wide access across multiple locations.

How many systems does it take to track and manage one oilfield worker?

OnboardTracker is an easy to use online tracking, operations and certification hub which enhances the visibility and safety of people, crews and assets in global oil and gas.

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