Excel 2013 Foundation

1-Day Instructor-led classroom based training.

Excel 2013 Foundation can be delivered as a scheduled open course, a company private closed course or as a one to one consultancy. We can run this course either at our training centre in Aberdeen, your premises or using our portable training school. Download full course profile below.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that incorporates tools for assisting in the recording and analysis of numerical data and which has the ability of turning numerical data into charts. This functionality, combined with many powerful and sophisticated features allow the creation, manipulation, editing, printing and storage of workbooks.

The foundation course introduces the trainee to all the important fundamental features of Microsoft Excel 2013. Terminology and techniques are introduced to ensure knowledge and confidence is instilled allowing the participant to administer their duties and Excel tasks proficiently.

The course is structured to give maximum “hands-on” experience to the individuals rather than involving a lecture situation. In order to attain this, participants will have their own personal computer and colour monitor to work on.

Excel 2013 Foundation COURSE PRE-REQUISITES

Any new or inexperienced user of Microsoft Excel will benefit from this course. No previous experience of Microsoft Excel is required.

However, knowledge of Windows and experience with a PC will be presumed, therefore, it is advisable to register participants on our “Introduction to Computing” or “Microsoft Windows” course prior to attending, should this experience be lacking.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Excel 2013

  • Module 2: Selection techniques

  • Module 3: Manipulate rows and columns

  • Module 4: Copy, cut and paste

  • Module 5: Autofill

  • Module 6: Find data

  • Module 7: Formulas

  • Module 8: Functions

  • Module 9: Font formatting

  • Module 10: Alignment formatting

  • Module 11: Number formatting

  • Module 12: Worksheets

  • Module 13: Freeze row and column headings

  • Module 14: Charts

  • Module 15: Prepare to print a worksheet

Course Completion

You will have the ability to create and modify basic MS Excel 2013 Worksheets and Workbooks. The course is also a pre-requisite to attending more advanced levels of

training in MS Excel 2013.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate.

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